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Hackensack, NJ

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    9402187260 13/08/2018 - 13:43

    A couple is using the name: Chrissy McRoberts ‭(817)-372‭-6043 Claiming to work at a company named: Open road lending www.openroadlending.com 5555 N. Beach St. Ste. 4100 Fort Worth, TX. 76137. After doing a Google search on that address I just provided it shows that nothing is there. They have gone as far as to hack into the system and create fake businesses to steal identity on tinder and bumble, dating apps for your phone. They have fake account set up in Facebook to supply them with photos… Probably hacking into that. But they set up a phony webpage and a phone number to this lender company. They are Mexicans. I spoke with a woman over the phone when I was getting really close to busting her she tried to save it by calling me. Let me know if you like any other information my phone number is 940-218-7260

    Hackensack, NJ

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